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Sep Electronics is one click solution to provide any electronic parts that you need. Tell us about your project.


Ask us about custom Touch Panel designing and manufacturing. We will provide you some samples for approval.

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Why don't send us a message and try us?Email address: sales@sepelectronics.com Tel: +1 949 370 2592

Welcome to Sep Electronics

Being more than 20 years in electronic industry and our customers testimonials are good evidence to our ability to conducting any electronic supplying materials. We are able to supply your electronic needs from PCB designing and manufacturing till BOM sourcing in very competitive prices.

We have shipment from our China office to USA office weekly. So we offer to test our samples like LCD, Touch Panel, PCB, IC, Transistor, Capacitor, Connector, Power supply, Solder bar and wire, Solder paste, Drill/Route bit, Inks, CCL ....